preschool Jan 27th 2015: Letter stomp

20 portrait

The boys drew their self portraits and wrote their names at the bottom. They both used light crayons. 🙂

20 lett

Getting boots on for the stomp game

20 letters

The boys were so excited for this game. Each boy took turns doing a zoo phonics flash card, then finding the styrofoam cup that had that cards capital and lower case letter on it, then they stomped it!

20 Z stomp

The boys cheering Zekey on

20 m stomp

Boston put on his special moccosins for this game

20 stomp

Charlie put on his boots for this game until he decided to use his “powerful feet”

20 trash

The boys picked up each cup and brought it to the table (without being asked) after every stomp

20 math Kristoff

Posing with Kristoff on this dreary cold day

20 matth game

Doing math equations with our math machine.

20 math B

Sending the colored sticks down the tube

20 math C

Reading the equation and collecting sticks to add to the machine

20 math i

Isaac took turns sending random numbers of sticks down the tubes.

20 candy

Candy land while I nurse babies

20 math

Charlie’s turn

20 game

I played Super why with the boys. Very fun reading game

We finished the day out with games and puzzles.  It was an extra fun day.  🙂  Oh!  and Boston felt stormy, Charlie felt Dusty (as in the airplane), Isaac felt jibberish and I felt tired.  Not sure we’re learning much about actual feelings but it’s one of our favorite parts of the day.  🙂


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