January 5th 2015

The girls and I made it to 36 weeks, a feat we never expected.  Dane and I took our final drive to Spokane and met with our Dr. for the last time.  Everything looked great and the girls were healthy so we had the green light to get these babies here.  It felt so good leaving the office that day with no follow-up appointments.  From that moment on I was off bed rest and all restrictions.  I felt (and looked) like I was about 42 weeks pregnant so I was more than ready go into labor.

On Saturday night my friends picked me up, handed me a Tupperware full of pineapple and walked the mall with me.  I bought the girls a couple premie outfits and walked as far as my legs would let me. On Sunday we awoke to the first snow fall of the year, which in the world of Lorelei Gilmore is a sign of good things to come.  I went to church for the first time in weeks and that night, me, Dane and my Mom sat on the couch to watch our favorite show of the moment, Prison break.  I started feeling contractions around 10 pm but I didn’t want to jinx things, so I kept quiet.  After an hour and a half of consistent contractions we started loading up the car and texting friends and family that would be helping with kids etc…

We were really excited and Dane, me and my Mom all headed to the hospital. I was 4 cm dilated when we arrived.  We were admitted to our room, met the on call Dr. and got our last ultra sound.  It was at this moment we learned we’d be having a C-section.  Remi (our smaller baby) was the furthest down, which meant she would come out first, putting Rowan at a serious risk of getting stuck/choking since she was 1.5 lbs bigger.  A C-section was our only option and I was pretty devastated.  From that moment on things progressed at rapid speed.  I continued to dilate and my contractions were getting stronger.  Bekie arrived to be a support and Dane and I got prepped for surgery.  We were both terrified, but remained calm.  The nurse made me say goodbye to my Mom, Bekie and Dane and this was the first moment I realized Dane couldn’t be with me while I got my spinal.  😦  I was scared, but the anesthesiologist told me all I need is about 10 minutes of holding it together, then the babies would be here and he could give me any kind of anxiety medication I wanted.  🙂  So the nurse and I walked to the OR and she chatted with me about my kids while I got my spinal. I was terrified of the Spinal, but it didn’t even hurt and it was in before I knew it.   Once I was prepped they let Dane come in.

We couldn’t believe our babies would be here within minutes!  Dane and I chatted to distract ourselves from the surgery. The Dr. asked if I wanted my tubes tied and after an emphatic “NO!” I continued to check throughout the surgery that she still had no plans of tying my tubes.  🙂  The surgery wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be and within just a few minutes we heard our first baby girl cry.  Dane and I started crying and laughing and couldn’t believe we had one healthy baby girl.  Dane got to hold her first and I kissed her little head.  A minute later our 2nd baby girl arrived and within seconds we heard her cry too.  Dane held her and I kissed her head and we laughed and cried some more.  After so many months of protecting, growing and praying for these girls I was overwhelmed with joy at their arrival.  We laughed as we heard the echos of not 1 but 2 babies cry in the OR room.  Dane said,

Ok.  It’s finally hit me.  We have twins.

While I was being stitched up, the girls were taken to the nursery.  Dane was feeling faint so the Dr had him lay on the floor.  And when I was all stitched up they wheeled both Dane and I back to our room.  haha.  We got in the room and waited patiently for our girls to get back.  The anesthesiologist was going to give me some medicine to relax me and help me sleep, but I didn’t want that.  I just wanted to see my babies.  Bekie and my Mom got to be with the babies in the nursery and hold and cuddle them for about 45 minutes.  Bekie sent us pictures of my babies from down the hall and I kept begging my nurse to bring them to me.  They finally brought the babies to me and I cuddled them right up.  I began tandem nursing right away and the girls both latched on really well.  I was nauseous from the anesthesia so I threw up every few minutes, then went back to nursing and celebrating with Bekie, Dane and my Mom.  We were all on a baby high and so excited about these two beautiful girls.  Many of my friends and Dane’s family were texting away, dying to hear every detail about the girls despite the fact that it was 3 in the morning.

Dane went home to the boys that night and my Mom stayed with me.  The next few days were a hazy blur of no sleep, drugs round the clock and visitors.  The boys were thrilled to meet and hold their baby sisters for the first time.  After 3 exhausting days in the hospital we were sent home and life as we now know it began.

I had a rough transition dealing with the C-section recovery and wild hormones, but our baby girls were the most peaceful happy babies.   The girls are a little over a month old now and life is good.  I wake up every day feeling so blessed, barely remembering life before they were here.


snuggling mom for the first time


1 week before the twins arrived


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