January 29th: Acting out Poems

21 writing

Today we combined zoo phonics and writing time

21 sorting

For math we had a race to fill up our tupperwares. Roll the dice and add that many legos to your tupperware. Once the first person filled their tupperware we stopped and counted who had the most.

21 tall tall tower

After the cup race we spent some time building tall tall towers

21 tall tower

The boys kept saying, “We’re using team work!”

21 block towers

When they couldn’t make their tower any taller, they decided to lay it flat and see how long they could make it.

21 zeke

Isaac coloring and reading Bob Books to himself. 🙂

21 dance

Doing the “Dosey Do” (spelling?) for our reading game

21 book

When I nannied I made up a game with my girls where I would read a book and as I read they had to act out the story. My Mom bought me this book of poems so I read nursery poems to the boys and they acted them out. They acted out dogs, musicians and they even learned a fun dance for, Farmer and the Dell.

21 bubbles

Charlie brought over bubbles so the boys went outside to play while I nursed the babies.

21 Kristoff

Dressing Kristoff

21 puzzle

I bought a fun letter puzzle for the boys. Each piece is a letter in a small word and the boys would put the puzzles together and sound out the word.

21 cars

I bought road tape and we built roads to race our cars on. We laid down states from the map puzzle for the boys to drive to. We tried to make them somewhat geographically correct. If you wanted to head to California through Washington, you would drive past Oregon first. 🙂

21 preschool

Popcorn and reading time


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