February 19th: Shoe tying

22 kristoff

The boys decided to dress Kristoff as silly as possible today.

22 salt trays

I’ve been combining Zoo phonics with writing a bit more lately so that the boys are connecting writing and reading. The boys looked at a zoo phonics letter then said it’s phrase and wrote the letter in the salt tray. The salt trays are always a hit.

22 laces

I decided to introduce the boys into shoe tying. It’s more of a kindergarten skill but I thought it would be good to start familiarizing them with some of the things they’ll be learning in Kinder. The boys are “building their teepee” right now

22 shoe tying

Paperplate shoe tied! I found a cute shoe tying poem on pinterest, it goes like this, “Build a teepee, come inside. Pull it tight so we can hide. Over the mountain, around you go here’s my arrow here’s my bow”.

22 reading

Story and popcorn time. We read for a half hour. It’s the boys favorite time. We also talked about our favorite books we’ve read in preschool. Charlie asked if we could get them again…so I’ll have to find them at the library.

22 clean books

Clean up

22 clean up

Clean up

22 preschool

Hiding from Charlie’s mom for pick up.

We’ve had a couple sick days this month, so it was good to be back to preschool.  🙂


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