St. Patrick’s day 2015

Charlie’s Mom had the idea of a leprechaun hunt today.  So I wrote some clues and she printed them up in tiny tiny print.  So tiny, we had to read them with a magnifying glass.  😉  This made for a wild day of preschool.  We had a Leprechaun visit early this morning.  We tried to catch him but he was too quick.  He left us a note saying he’d return later that day.  When he did return we called over our preschool buddies to help us find him!

lep 14

“Top o the morning Lads what a nice little trap but I can’t be caught just as easy as that A little treat for your efforts now I really must run but keep your eyes open I’ll be back for more fun”

lep 13

The trap made with the help of Dad

lep 12

Lucky left us these in our trap

lep 11

“I’m Lucky the Leprechaun a very fast little man. Let’s play a game called catch me if you can. I’ll leave you some clues I’m not far ahead You’ll find your first clue on top of a bed” The 1st clue said, “I rested a minute after writing this clue but before I could run I had to go poo”.

lep 10

Like all Leprechauns I like things that are green. You just might find me by the washing machine (lucky for us we actually own a green dryer)

lep 7

I feel a bit hungry, I’ll look for a treat Bet you can’t catch me, I’m quick on my feet!

lep 9

I’m nice and full now but I’ve sure made a mess I’ll take a quick bath to clean up and rest

lep 8

“You guys are quick you know just where to look. Try to catch me before I finish my book.” Inside the book they found this clue, “Well I’m getting bored, this is taking all day Come find me outside in the house where you play

lep 6

Leprechaun treasure in the play house

lep 5

The loot

lep 4

Leprechaun slimey tracks

lep 3

Leprechaun tracks

lep 2

Tracks down the monkey bars

lep 1

and over the fence where he made his escape

Before we started the hunt we did a little chant.  “Hey, ho, a leprechaun hunting we go!”   I told the kids,

I’m 30 years old and for 30 years i’ve been hunting leprechauns but  have never found one!

Imaginations stirred and our adventure began.


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