Georgia O’Keeffe day

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, we highlighted one of our favorite artists, Georgia O’Keeffe.  She’s known for her larger than life flowers so it seemed fitting that we ring in Spring by painting like Georgia.  She also painted skulls and animal bones that she found in the New Mexico desert.  Pretty cool lady!  We went over our zoo phonics during lunch and ended the day in story time.  Painting was the perfect way to celebrate Spring!

23 books

Story time at the end of preschool

23 lunch

Lunch time. Zekey wanted to eat below.

23 lunch charlie boss

The boys and their lunch

23 sandwhich

Preschool lunch style.

23 Sun

Painting suns.

23 Boss

Boston’s O’Keeffe

23 Charlie

Charlie’s O’Keeffe

23 isaac

Isaac’s O’Keeffe

23 painting

Boston art.

23 paint

We played a guessing game to see what color, two colors blended, would make.

23 Boston

Boston’s O’Keeffe

23 Zeke

Isaac’s O’Keeffe

23 Char

Charlie’s O’Keeffe

23 boys

Such a happy activity

23 flowers

I bought a 3 pack of canvas from Walmart for $4 and drew Georgia’s “Leaves of a Plant” on the canvas, in a sharpie marker.


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