January 29th: Acting out Poems

21 writing

Today we combined zoo phonics and writing time

21 sorting

For math we had a race to fill up our tupperwares. Roll the dice and add that many legos to your tupperware. Once the first person filled their tupperware we stopped and counted who had the most.

21 tall tall tower

After the cup race we spent some time building tall tall towers

21 tall tower

The boys kept saying, “We’re using team work!”

21 block towers

When they couldn’t make their tower any taller, they decided to lay it flat and see how long they could make it.

21 zeke

Isaac coloring and reading Bob Books to himself. 🙂

21 dance

Doing the “Dosey Do” (spelling?) for our reading game

21 book

When I nannied I made up a game with my girls where I would read a book and as I read they had to act out the story. My Mom bought me this book of poems so I read nursery poems to the boys and they acted them out. They acted out dogs, musicians and they even learned a fun dance for, Farmer and the Dell.

21 bubbles

Charlie brought over bubbles so the boys went outside to play while I nursed the babies.

21 Kristoff

Dressing Kristoff

21 puzzle

I bought a fun letter puzzle for the boys. Each piece is a letter in a small word and the boys would put the puzzles together and sound out the word.

21 cars

I bought road tape and we built roads to race our cars on. We laid down states from the map puzzle for the boys to drive to. We tried to make them somewhat geographically correct. If you wanted to head to California through Washington, you would drive past Oregon first. 🙂

21 preschool

Popcorn and reading time


January 5th 2015

The girls and I made it to 36 weeks, a feat we never expected.  Dane and I took our final drive to Spokane and met with our Dr. for the last time.  Everything looked great and the girls were healthy so we had the green light to get these babies here.  It felt so good leaving the office that day with no follow-up appointments.  From that moment on I was off bed rest and all restrictions.  I felt (and looked) like I was about 42 weeks pregnant so I was more than ready go into labor.

On Saturday night my friends picked me up, handed me a Tupperware full of pineapple and walked the mall with me.  I bought the girls a couple premie outfits and walked as far as my legs would let me. On Sunday we awoke to the first snow fall of the year, which in the world of Lorelei Gilmore is a sign of good things to come.  I went to church for the first time in weeks and that night, me, Dane and my Mom sat on the couch to watch our favorite show of the moment, Prison break.  I started feeling contractions around 10 pm but I didn’t want to jinx things, so I kept quiet.  After an hour and a half of consistent contractions we started loading up the car and texting friends and family that would be helping with kids etc…

We were really excited and Dane, me and my Mom all headed to the hospital. I was 4 cm dilated when we arrived.  We were admitted to our room, met the on call Dr. and got our last ultra sound.  It was at this moment we learned we’d be having a C-section.  Remi (our smaller baby) was the furthest down, which meant she would come out first, putting Rowan at a serious risk of getting stuck/choking since she was 1.5 lbs bigger.  A C-section was our only option and I was pretty devastated.  From that moment on things progressed at rapid speed.  I continued to dilate and my contractions were getting stronger.  Bekie arrived to be a support and Dane and I got prepped for surgery.  We were both terrified, but remained calm.  The nurse made me say goodbye to my Mom, Bekie and Dane and this was the first moment I realized Dane couldn’t be with me while I got my spinal.  😦  I was scared, but the anesthesiologist told me all I need is about 10 minutes of holding it together, then the babies would be here and he could give me any kind of anxiety medication I wanted.  🙂  So the nurse and I walked to the OR and she chatted with me about my kids while I got my spinal. I was terrified of the Spinal, but it didn’t even hurt and it was in before I knew it.   Once I was prepped they let Dane come in.

We couldn’t believe our babies would be here within minutes!  Dane and I chatted to distract ourselves from the surgery. The Dr. asked if I wanted my tubes tied and after an emphatic “NO!” I continued to check throughout the surgery that she still had no plans of tying my tubes.  🙂  The surgery wasn’t nearly as bad as I thought it would be and within just a few minutes we heard our first baby girl cry.  Dane and I started crying and laughing and couldn’t believe we had one healthy baby girl.  Dane got to hold her first and I kissed her little head.  A minute later our 2nd baby girl arrived and within seconds we heard her cry too.  Dane held her and I kissed her head and we laughed and cried some more.  After so many months of protecting, growing and praying for these girls I was overwhelmed with joy at their arrival.  We laughed as we heard the echos of not 1 but 2 babies cry in the OR room.  Dane said,

Ok.  It’s finally hit me.  We have twins.

While I was being stitched up, the girls were taken to the nursery.  Dane was feeling faint so the Dr had him lay on the floor.  And when I was all stitched up they wheeled both Dane and I back to our room.  haha.  We got in the room and waited patiently for our girls to get back.  The anesthesiologist was going to give me some medicine to relax me and help me sleep, but I didn’t want that.  I just wanted to see my babies.  Bekie and my Mom got to be with the babies in the nursery and hold and cuddle them for about 45 minutes.  Bekie sent us pictures of my babies from down the hall and I kept begging my nurse to bring them to me.  They finally brought the babies to me and I cuddled them right up.  I began tandem nursing right away and the girls both latched on really well.  I was nauseous from the anesthesia so I threw up every few minutes, then went back to nursing and celebrating with Bekie, Dane and my Mom.  We were all on a baby high and so excited about these two beautiful girls.  Many of my friends and Dane’s family were texting away, dying to hear every detail about the girls despite the fact that it was 3 in the morning.

Dane went home to the boys that night and my Mom stayed with me.  The next few days were a hazy blur of no sleep, drugs round the clock and visitors.  The boys were thrilled to meet and hold their baby sisters for the first time.  After 3 exhausting days in the hospital we were sent home and life as we now know it began.

I had a rough transition dealing with the C-section recovery and wild hormones, but our baby girls were the most peaceful happy babies.   The girls are a little over a month old now and life is good.  I wake up every day feeling so blessed, barely remembering life before they were here.


snuggling mom for the first time


1 week before the twins arrived

preschool Jan 27th 2015: Letter stomp

20 portrait

The boys drew their self portraits and wrote their names at the bottom. They both used light crayons. 🙂

20 lett

Getting boots on for the stomp game

20 letters

The boys were so excited for this game. Each boy took turns doing a zoo phonics flash card, then finding the styrofoam cup that had that cards capital and lower case letter on it, then they stomped it!

20 Z stomp

The boys cheering Zekey on

20 m stomp

Boston put on his special moccosins for this game

20 stomp

Charlie put on his boots for this game until he decided to use his “powerful feet”

20 trash

The boys picked up each cup and brought it to the table (without being asked) after every stomp

20 math Kristoff

Posing with Kristoff on this dreary cold day

20 matth game

Doing math equations with our math machine.

20 math B

Sending the colored sticks down the tube

20 math C

Reading the equation and collecting sticks to add to the machine

20 math i

Isaac took turns sending random numbers of sticks down the tubes.

20 candy

Candy land while I nurse babies

20 math

Charlie’s turn

20 game

I played Super why with the boys. Very fun reading game

We finished the day out with games and puzzles.  It was an extra fun day.  🙂  Oh!  and Boston felt stormy, Charlie felt Dusty (as in the airplane), Isaac felt jibberish and I felt tired.  Not sure we’re learning much about actual feelings but it’s one of our favorite parts of the day.  🙂

Preschool day 21 (I think): Getting our groove back

Well it’s been awhile but today was our first day back at preschool!  Bed rest at the end of my pregnancy and having the girls two weeks ago has put preschool on a little hiatus.  We were so excited to start up again today.

After preschool Isaac said to me, “Fun. Day.  Mom”.  🙂 We were all happy to be back!   I still have a couple other preschool days from December/November that I need to post.

19 kristoff

Kristoff got dressed for the first time since early December. 🙂

19 stamp 2

We used stamps to mark the capital and lowercase letter for the worksheets.

19 stamp

Fun with stamping

19 snake

Doing zoo phonics and acting out each animals movement after we did their letter. The boys are being Sammy snake here.

19 march

Marching to zoo phonics

19 cars

We put our cars into categories by color and counted who had the most cars in their pile. Charlie put any car that had even a hint of red into his pile. 🙂

19 map

We build the map puzzle and the boys pulled out the dice and raced their cars all over the map while I nursed the girls. I could hear them shouting out their dice numbers and choosing which states to drive to. 🙂

19 isaac

Zekey joined us for our nursing time.

19 popcorn

For the last half hour we ate carmel popcorn while I read the boys books.

19 bob

The pile of books the boys chose. And I’ve still got a baby bump…only this time it’s a baby in a wrap. 🙂

19 wrap

How I spent a chunk of preschool, carrying these two lovies while I taught.

I kept things simple today and just did some of our favorite games.  It took a little more prep getting the girls fed and down for naps before preschool started and I did have to take a break at 10:30 to nurse the girls again, but I had a plan and the boys were occupied during the time I had to nurse.  🙂

2014 Wrap up


I started the year out right on a girls trip to Seattle with my Meghan.  End of May beginning of June I got to be apart of Rachel’s wedding that her and I had been discussing and planning for months.  Right before her wedding I found out I was pregnant.  About 3 weeks later I had my first Ultrasound showing that we were having twins, thus beginning the year of 1,000 ultrasounds and a million Dr’s appointments.  In reality I had an appointment every 2 weeks (at least) from 6 weeks on and then I started drivng to Spokane every 2 weeks to see the perinatologist.

In the Summer I went on another girls trip to Portland to shop and eat yummy food just overnight.   In September I started teaching preschool for Boston and Charlie, with Isaac joining in.  Over labor day Dane and I went on a “babymoon” to Hood River.  We spent 5 days staying in fancy hotels, golfing, sleeping in, visiting the spa, going on walks/hikes, and eating delicious food.  We loved every second of that trip and our boys were well taken care of by sweet family.  This year my Grandma passed away so my siblings and I all road tripped out to St. George to attend the funeral together.  It was a blessing to spend some quality time with my Dad, his family and my siblings, all in one place.

This Thanksgiving two of my sisters came in town with their families and I was put on moderate bedrest, so they did all the cooking while I did whatever chopping I could do from a chair. 🙂  We had 9 kids, 2 Grandmas and 6 parents packed in our house and it was so fun.  I was put on strict bed rest and we had a mellow Christmas and thankfully I got most of our Christmas planned, bought  and taken care of in November, so December was spent enjoying each other, going to the movies, listening to Christmas music and cozying up indoors.  Dane was great about making our traditions still happen even though I couldn’t fully participate in all of them.

We rang in the New Year at the hospital with one more false alarm for the year.  🙂


Dane had a boys golf trip at the beginning of this year with his brother and friends.  He played on a softball team this Summer with his brothers and friends called the Tri cities Pirates.  Every guy had a pirates name and pirate jersey.  Dane’s name (unfortunatley) was Bone Shank.  The softball games were a highlight of every week for our family.  The boys loved watching Dad play, eating snacks, and maing messes with shaved ice.   I enjoyed spending time on the bleachers with all of Dane’s family, who came to pretty much every game.  One of Dane’s best friends Cody (and mine, Candice) came to stay with us for a few days with their two boys and we had so much fun squeezing in some over due quality time together.

Dane spent his summer working on the yard, golfing, playing softball, taking me on dates and playing with his boys.  We spent a fun evening at the end of the Summer camping in our backyard and we all were able to sleep all night in the tent.  Success!  Dane also took Boston on their first father sons Camp out and they both loved it.  He went on a few trips to Chicago and Oklahoma and always came home with gifts and treasures for the boys.  The very end of Dane’s year has been spent taking me to the hospital and Spokane for my twice weekly appointments.  His work has been great and let him take every Friday off for half the day to drive me to Spokane.  On Tuesdays (when I’ve had to go to the Hospital for regular testing) Dane drives me, then works in his car on his laptop for 3 hours until I’m all done.  He’s been an extra busy Dad and husband this year and we’ve all appreciated his hard work.


Boston’s had a big year of growth and changes.  He grew a couple shoe sizes and outgrew all of his 4T pants.  This included many nights of growing pains.  He became a sunbeam at church and has loved feeling like a big boy in primary and participating in Primary programs. We installed a play set in our backyard this Spring and Boston learned to pump on the swings and do the monkey bars.   He enjoyed spending days at home with Mom and Isaac, having friends over, or going on play dates.  His favorite thing to do is to play at other people’s houses. 🙂  He’s a social boy and likes to get out as much as possible.  He’s become my big helper this year and has become quite responsible.  He’s also grown into his roll as big brother and has the sweetest relationship with Isaac.  He protects Isaac.  Plays with him.  And is Isaac’s biggest supporter when Isaac learns how to do something new.   Boston took over the toy closet this year as his total responsibility to keep clean.  He’s done a great job and takes his job very seriously.

In September Boston started preschool and has loved it.  He’s been so inspired and excited to learn new things.  He picked up the alphabet and reading right away with Zoo phonics.  He now can read his Bob books from start to finish and is so proud.   Boston spent his birthday celebrating at preschool, then going with Mom, Dad and Isaac to country mercantile where we ate lunch, picked out candies and rode every ride at least twice.   He got a wiggle bike for his birthday and became a professional racer in our house.  Boston really got into football this year by playing with “the big boys” and watching games with Daddy.  We had a really fun Halloween trick or treating with friends and Boston chose to be Captain America.

Boston is very excited to be a bg brother to two sisters and he’s claimed baby Rowan as “his”.  He is very serious about learning to take care of babies and is trying to learn how to change diapers in preperation for their arrival.  All of his prayers include blessings for the girls that they will grow healthy, that he will change diapers and that they won’t get hurt.  🙂  He’s also tried to potty train Isaac.  Another task he’s taken seriously.  Boston is still just as physical as ever and finds lots of ways to get his energy out every day.  We can’t wait to get him involved in a sport to help meet his needs a little more.  🙂


Isaac  has gone from baby to big boy this year.  He started nursery at the beginning of the year and loves it.  This year he really started talking and is a total chatterbox.  He’s pretty much never silent, always singing or chatting.  He’s a very precise little talker and our favorites are his long sentances with no filler words.  For example:  “Momma. Swing.  Fall.  Hurt.  Isaac.  Head.  Ow.  Bejio” translated, “Mom I fell off the swing and hit my head, ow.  Kiss?”  As of recently Isaac has become the most polite two year old I’ve ever seen.  Anytime someone does something nice for him he immediately says, “Thank you, (fill in your name)”.  If you ever say thank you he’ll say, “You’re welcome, (fill in your name)”.  He’s quick to forgive, “It’s ok Bosty” and even quicker to apologize, “Sorry Momma.  I luz you”.

Isaac has enjoyed preschool this year and is a full participant.  He loves singing the Hello song and trying to get the boys to laugh.  It’s really fun to see what he picks up on, even though he’s still so little.  He moved up from his pack n play to a toddler bed this year and the transition was seemless. For Halloween he was a skeleton and I’m pretty sure trick or treating was the highlight of his entire year.  He never wants to walk and always wants to be carried, but on this night he RAN, like full on sprinted, from house to house collecting candy for an hour straight. He never slowed down.  It was awesome and it was also the highlight of my Halloween to watch.

Isaac is very excited about babies in Mommy’s tummy and has to talk to them and kiss them every day.   When he’s done he immediately puts my shirt over my belly and says, “Babies all done.  Babies nigh night”.  I think he may be disappointed when he can’t just hide the babies anymore when he’s sick of them.

Isaac is the silliest one in our home, always trying to make us all laugh.

We’ve had a really fun and unexpected 2014 and we’re so excited to start 2015 out with two new family members!

Family update

Baby girls, Remington Jane and Rowan Adele:

We hit 33 weeks yesterday and are looking forward to hitting the HUGE milestone of 34 weeks.  This last week was probably the craziest in my pregnancy yet.  A week ago on Friday I went to my routine Spokane appointment and we discovered that baby B (Remi) is experiencing growth restriction.  At that point she was 3 lbs 6 oz and her sister, Rowan was weighing 4 lbs 1 oz.  That doesn’t sound like a big difference but it’s significant.  Remi’s umbilical cord doesn’t have a great connection to the Placenta so we always knew this could present an issue down the road.  The dr.  described her as currently on a diet.  she’s losing her rate of growth (she was in the 10th percentile and at this appointment dropped to the 3rd) but she’s not starving.

The plan of action for this scenario has been to monitor me twice a week with NST’s and get Doppler flow studies twice a week.  The Doppler flow measures the blood flow from the placenta to baby and the oxygen getting to the babies brain.  We’re keeping a close eye on her with monitoring as well as measuring fetal kick counts 3 times a day at home.  All of this will hopefully mean that we can catch things before they get too bad for her. 🙂

So at this appointment they gave me a shot of steroids in case her situation got dramatically worse and we had to deliver her and sister soon, the steroids would help speed up both girls lung development.  On Saturday I went to the local hospital to get another steroid shot.  Sunday morning I woke up with major cramping and after a little time deliberating Dane and I drove to the hospital, Mom stayed home with Isaac, and a friend took Boston to church.  At the hospital I started having consistant, very obvious contractions every few minutes.  They admitted me and told me I would be staying for at least 48 hours.  I was dilated to a 2 and 70% effaced.  They also told me they’d have to give me magnesium to stop labor.  I was freaked out and overwhelmed at the thought of magnesium, so they decided instead to give me a shot of Turbuteline.  It’s milder but it did the job.  We were able to stop labor and they pumped me full of fluids.  I stayed overnight and went home late Monday afternoon on strict bedrest.

On Tuesday I had an NST and dopplar flow.  Things looked fine but the apointment took over 3 hours.  Then on Thursday Dane drove me to the hospital because I wasn’t feeling the babies move very much.  It turned out they both had consistantly high heart rates (up to 200) and my Dr. said if they couldn’t get their heart rates down we’d be delivering that day.  They gave me fluid again and were able to get the heart rates down so I was able to go home.

We just got back yesterday from a Spokane appointment and both girls look great.  This was the first easy normal appointment we’ve had in a while.  My next appointment will be a dopplar flow and NST at the hospital on Tuesday and next Friday I head to Spokane again to check on babies.  We’re hoping for now to make it to 34 weeks!  Just 6 more days!

We’ve also discovered in our ultrasounds that the girls both have a ton of hair.  🙂  So fun.


I’m doing fine.  This last week has done me in a little with all the stress.  Most the pregnancy I’ve been able to take in stride and even really enjoy, but the worry and stress this last week had me crying a few times (I HATE crying in front of Dr’s. )  Bed rest has been hard for me because I’m not someone that can naturally sit still for a long time.  It’s caused me a little anxiety and I had my first panic attack since I’ve been pregnant.  It was no fun to be reminded of what that feels like.  It was fine though.  I freaked out and cried for about 15 minutes and then it was over and i felt back to normal.  I did decide though that I HAD to get out for my own sanity.  So Boston and I spent an afternoon at a friends house, where he played with his buddies and I just laid on her couch all afternoon.  It was a nice change of pace.  I spent some of today laying outside in the grass and sunshine and that was nice too.  As usual my friends and family have been such a huge support.  My Mom has taken over the “Mom”  and “nurse” role up until Dane gets home at night where he takes over being Mom and Dad. All the while I just sit and watch everyone rush around me, doing my job.  It’s HARD not to feel guilty, but I also feel really grateful.  People have brought us dinners, let Boston come play at their house and Dane pulls up Boston’s desk to the couch every night so I can join them for dinner. 🙂


He’s working his tail off, trying to balance work with random unexpected visits to the hospital.  His boss has been great though and gets on to Dane for working too much.  When Dane gets home from work he takes over at home and teams up with my Mom to clean the house, help with dinner, get boys ready for bed and puts them to bed by himself every night.  He’s been a huge help.  He’s nervous about twins, but getting really excited to meet his little daughters. 🙂


Boss is my big boy and getting bigger every day.  I can tell my bed rest has taken a toll on him and he’s missing his old Mom.  I talked with him one day about  having these babies and then being able to run and excercise again and he got a huge smile, jumped up and gave me a huge hug.  He’s sensitive about me and how I’m doing and I know he just wants to have his old Mom that can run jump and play with him like normal, back again.  He’s been a trooper though and is a huge help around the house.  We try to get him out as much as possible because he is my social butterfly. I also try to do as much with my boys as I can while sitting (watching movies, playing games on my phone together, reading books, talking, or playing pretend.  When the boys visited me at the hospital Boston and I played Dr. and he got to move my bed up and down and take “care” of me.   My mom has helped me keep up with preschool which is the highlight of Boston’s weeks.  He LOVES preschool and feels like such a big boy on school days.  He’s learned a ton from preschool too.  He’s gotten great with his counting and numbers.  He can write and spell some things.  He can read almost any 3 to 4 letter word phonetically which is so cool to watch.  He started doing this at the beginning of the school year and has been continually excited about learning to read more.  Just yesterday Dane and Boss were out and they saw the word “Ice” on a sign and Boston sounded it out for a second then said that says “Ice, Dad”.  His first word to read phonetically was Mom back in September. 🙂

He just moved out of his toddler bed to a real twin bed.  Boston is so excited about his baby sisters and has claimed Rowan as “his” baby.  After one really hard day he said to me, “Mom I’m just having a hard time and I just want the babies to pop out of you!” He likes to feel the babies move and  he sings and talks to them.  Super sweet. 🙂


Isaac is the silliest 2 year old around.  He cracks us up every day with his bundle of silliness, intensity and energy.  He is our chatterbox and speaks in the funniest full sentances with no filler words.  Here’s an example of a Zekey sentance.

“Bosty.  Hurt.  Head. Me. Swing.  Momma” = “Bosty hurt my head on the swing, Momma”.  🙂  Or he’ll use cute phrases like,

“What?  Momma?” or “Name?  Momma”  when he wants to know what something’s called. My favorite sentances are when he’s talking about something he loves.

“Me.  Love.  Loodles.  You?  Love?  Loodles?  Momma?” Loodles are noodles. 🙂 He also will refer to himself as Zekeybooboo and I love it.   He talks really slow, seperating each word and he’s very precise.  It makes us laugh a ton.  He’s also learning a ton at preschool  He knows lots of his numbers and colors, artists and composers, and some of his articles of faith and pledge of allegiance.

He’s very into my belly and these babies.  He has to hug and kiss the babies (or as he often says, the bellies) every day, multiple times a day.    He gets really intense though and sometimes my belly takes a beating.  He just doesn’t know what to do with all that energy.  So I will be VERY watchful when he has actual access to the babies. 🙂

Isaac is still my love bug and has to kiss and stare at me lovingly multiple times a day.  He’ll stroke my face, make little love noises, brush my hair out of my eyes, give me kisses and then either do something that hurts (like pinch my cheeks) or run off playing.

I love this stage with him.  Even though he is destructo and is usually out looking for something to throw, rip or destroy.  🙂  We love our Zekeyboo.


29 weeks with baby girls

In 3 days my girls and I will have hit 30 weeks.  It feels like such a huge milestone.  This pregnancy has just cruised along and I can’t believe that really anytime now I could get these babies in my arms…or maybe in a NICU incubator (lets hope not).

When this pregnancy started out my Dr. was planning on Fall babies and I was planning to move into the hospital at 26 weeks for constant monitoring.  There have been lots of scares with this pregnancy.  First thinking I was miscarrying, then thinking the babes were Mono mono, then thinking twin to twin transfusion was happening, but every single time we’ve had these scare, everything has turned out to be perfectly fine.  These babes have grown right along, just as they should, as healthy as can be.  I’m so so grateful for that.

About a week ago I had a routine drs appointment in Spokane and I brought a handful of friends with me so that they could shop while I saw my dr.  At that appointment the Dr. noticed my cervix had shortened from 3.8 cm to 2.5  This had him worried so he sent me over to labor and delivery.  My friends were sweet and helped me check in, then they drove home and my husband drove up.  We thought we’d be there over night, but no progress was made and I had minimal contractions so we were good to go home.  🙂

Ever since that appointment I’ve been on modified bed rest until the 24th of November where we can see what things are looking like and what to do from there.  I’m hoping I don’t have to go on strict or hospital bed rest, but if so, I’m just so grateful we’ve made it this far.  I’ve been extremely lucky to not go through this alone.  I have the most supportive friends and family in the world and I just don’t think I could of gotten this far without them.

I had one really hard night while my husband was out of town and I was on bed rest.  I was cramping a lot and felt very worried.  My husband called my sister in law Bekie (with out my knowledge) and I asked a friend to bring my boys and I fast food.  Within 15 minutes a friend showed up to my house with cinnamon rolls, my other friend came with the requested fast food and Bekie showed up with pillow in hand saying, “I’m spending the night”.  I immediately started bawling and although I was embarrassed I was so grateful for the outpouring of love and help.  Kim did all my dishes, fed my children and cleaned my kitchen and swept.  Bekie cleaned all my bathrooms, helped get boys down, vacuumed my upstairs and we got some much needed catch up time chatting the night away.  The next day Bekie whisked my boys away along with every ounce of laundry in my house.  She spent the day doing ALL of my laundry while she cared for my boys.  She also made up a schedule and so many of my friends signed up right away to help us out.  I’ve had a friend come make me lunch and check in on my kitchen most days. A good friend has done my grocery shopping  and friends have brought us dinner every night and taken my boys for a few hours every day so I can keep my feet up.

My boys Nana and Papa took them on a special date that they couldn’t stop talking about.  I’ve felt so grateful and blessed for the immense support and love extended to me and my family and these growing babies.  It’s very humbling, but it has also made me anxious to be the one on the giving end again, because I know just how good it feels to be so so cared for.

My husband has also been a huge support every night when he gets home from work, taking over, cleaning up after dinner and doing most of the work in getting boys in bed. He still lets me rock them most nights though….that’s my favorite.

And in less than a week my Mom gets here and stays for months and months!  I can’t wait! My sisters and grandma are also coming to spend Thanksgiving with us and they’ll take over the meal planning!

Well I’ve gotta go because my friends are about to pick me up to wheel me around target so I can get a couple things I’ve been needing.   They’re all a little too excited about this outing (haha).  I can’t believe I’m actually gonna ride one of those things.  Ey yi yi.

Anyway my heart is completely full of gratitude, for all my children, my dear sweet husband, my family and my friends that are more like family.  🙂

PS These girls are busy little things, kicking away all day long.  I honestly love it.  Nothing better. 🙂